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Below is a list of the recommenders and their positions during the joint work period:


  1. Uri Shitrit, Arch - Director of architect firm, Moshe Safdi

  2. Doron Schwartz, Arch. - Partner in the firm of Hertz Fogel Schwartz

  3. Gabi Moshe, CPA - CEO of Hachal Rosh HaAyin 

  4. David Amgadi, Architect - MMI Architect - Central District

  5. Sergio Kleiman, Planner - Israel Land Administration Central District 

  6. Linzer Shlomo, Adv. - CEO of Khaled 

  7. Danny Shimoni, Economist - CFO Khaled

  8. Yitzhak Shapira, Civil Engineer - Project Manager 

  9. Tzadok Zahorai, Economist - Project Manager 

  10. Adir Shapira, Project Manager - CEO of Etat  

  11. Uri Horowitz, Civil Engineer - CEO of Urban Renewal Project Management 

  12. Azriel Regev, Adv. - CEOHaim 

  13. Hanoch Verdiger, Director of Development and Chairman of the Nahardea Association 

  14. Gil Saar, CPA - CEO of Halamish 

  15. Yigal Yanai, CEO of Chachal Rosh HaAyin 

  16. Matana, Civil Engineer - Kachal Engineer for Rosh HaAyin 

  17. Timur Magrali, Architect of the Ministry of Housing, Central District 

  18. Rafi Goldschmidt, Archbishop - Architect of Public Buildings in the Ministry of Housing 

  19. Rabbi Yechiel Hindi, Chairman of the Epirion Shlomo Association

  20. Shmulik Ben Shachar, Project Manager for Public Buildings in Harish

  21. Roni Salomon, civil engineer - m Manage Projects at Beit El El 

  22. Eli Katzir, Director of Assets and Logistics Rabbinical Courts  

  23. David Ovadia, CEO of Yahel Engineers 

  24. Arie Gelberg, City Engineer Local Committee Rosh HaAyin 


Contact information will be shared upon request. 

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